Afternoon tea sondering.
That steam of freshly diluted ground leaves; the heat of the cup grasping your cold palms. You take your first sip and for a split second you forget about the chaos of the world you live in; and like any other afternoon, it’s just another afternoon. Tea although categorized as green, or black, with sugar, no sugar has its own unique personality — specific choices for specific moods. Every sip, a distinct flavor, an incomparable experience. As simple as it is, it’s nothing but boiled leaves, same as how people are made of 70% water. So rationally speaking, people like tea — composed mostly of water — is exceptional in every cup. Although boxed by society’s dogmatic means of classifying its inhabitants to the extent of nailing labels on them, each person, is exquisitely extraordinary once you get to know them. And knowing them does not mean knowing their names, race, and age. Knowing someone initmately goes beyond what you see, or rather, what the world wants you to see in them. Sonder. Everyone you know, everyone you see, and everyone else you don’t, is a story, an experience contrary to the reflections of reality we are supposed to face. Aside from all that, tea does wonders to your health. 😉
But what matters more? Form or substance?